Cusat: Seminar on Environmental Degradation and Climate Change

School of Environmental Studies, Cusat organises a National Seminar on Environmental Degradation and Climate change- A holistic Approach. The seminar will focus on different aspects of the Environmental Degcusat2radation related to Climate change.
Cuast Vice Chancellor Dr. J. Letha will inaugurate the seminar at 10 am at the Conference Hall, School of Environmental Studies. KUFOS Vice Chancellor Dr. A. Ramachandran will preside.
Papers will be presented on different topics like Environmental degradation, climate change, Risk and Mitigations, Green technologies for waste management, oil and Climate change, Carbon sequestration and Climate change. Dr. P. Lakshmanaperumal Samy, Bharathiyar University, Coimatore, Dr. E. V. Ramsamy,
MG University Kottayam, Dr. S. Sandeep, Kerala Forest Research Institute and Dr. Bijoy Nandan, Cusat will present the topics.

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