Eicher Trucks and Buses Introduces AMT Technology

Eicher Trucks & Buses, part of VE Commercial Vehicles Limited, today introduced state-of-the-art AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) technology in commercial vehicles. This reinforces our vision of driving modernization in commercial transportation. This breakthrough technology has been adapted based on the OptiDrive™image013 technology designed and developed by WABCO, renowned for its services in Driveline Automation.
The AMT technology will be available in the complete range of LMD and HD buses (from 9T to 16T) and Medium Duty haulage truck application in the first phase and the same will be extended to other applications later on.
Pro Range by ETB with AMT Technology:
2 Pedal System with Auto Gearshift For driver comfort eliminates the manual actuation of clutch pedal and gear shift lever With this the fatigue and stress of driver is reduced.
Hill Start Assist feature for no vehicle rollback while driving on a gradient
Optimized Gear shift strategy optimized for best utilization of Engine and Transmission to deliver the best performance and higher Fuel economy
High Clutch Life increasing the overall uptime and profitability of customer. Improved operating efficiency by reducing wear on transmission components, resulting in lower maintenance costs and higher utilization over the vehicle’s lifetime.
Safe Driving drivers focused on road and traffic condition eliminates chances of fatal accidents. Gears can be shifted at appropriate speed and RPM which eliminates the wrong gear shifting while driving.
WABCO’s OptiDrive™ is modular automated manual transmission (AMT) technology for trucks and buimage014ses that increases fuel economy while reducing emissions. A breakthrough in AMT technology, it transforms a manual transmission into a highly efficient, integrated solution for commercial vehicles, which automatically shifts gears and operates clutch actuation at optimal speed.
This technology frees drivers from frequent gear-shifting, reducing their stress and fatigue. This means drivers can focus further attention on road and traffic conditions, resulting in increased driver comfort while improving vehicle control and road safety. OptiDrive™ systems also minimize any performance gap between highly skilled and less experienced drivers.
Commenting on the this milestone development, Vinod Aggarwal, MD & CEO, VE Commercial Vehicles said, “It’s a matter of extreme pride for us to be one of the pioneers in introducing a break-through technology in the Indian CV industry. Eicher Vehicles are known for best fuel efficiency and the introduction of this technology will further enhance this advantage. Apart from fuel efficiency, this technology will also improve comfort, safety and efficiency that are the most critical aspects of driving these days.”
Jacques Esculier, WABCO Chairman & CEO said, “We are proud to further extend and deepen our partnership with VE Commercial Vehicles, particularly through WABCO’s OptiDrive™ modular automated manual transmission solution, a breakthrough technology for our industry. The award-winning OptiDrive™ for trucks and buses enables improved fuel economy and reduced emissions, as WABCO supports the leadership mission of VE Commercial Vehicles to continuously improve commercial transportation efficiency in India and other markets through technology, safety and environmental care.”
Esculier further added, “Our unique capability to design, develop and supply OptiDrive™ solutions in India for VE Commercial Vehicles’ latest light, medium and heavy duty bus and truck platform further differentiates WABCO. In addition, we will continue to support this major customer through a range of advanced vehicle safety and efficiency technologies.”
The new Pro series of AMT enabled vehicles will be manuf
actured in the Eicher Trucks and Buses facility located in Pithampur, Madhya Pradesh, where Eicher produces its complete range of 4.9T to 40T commercial vehicles.

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