Obseity and Overweight are Risk Factors of Chronic Kidney Disease

“Obesity and being overweight are risk factors for chronic kidney disease and are associated with the progression of the disease,” says Eminent Nephrologists in Kerala.
Three lakh Indians develop end stage kidney disease, or kidney failure every year in India requiring either dialysis or Renal Replacemkidney-01ent Therapy. If we include people with milder degree of renal failure the number will be much larger. And only about 10-20% other people will be able to afford the rate of treatments.
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) leads to other complications such as heart disease, stroke and infections. Diabetes, hypertension and Obesity are interconnected. . Metabolic syndrome is also a risk factor. People with metabolic Syndrome are 20 to 30 percent more likely to develop kidney disease than people without it. Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of factors that also increase your risk for heart disease and diabetes
Every year at least 300,000 people develop severe kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplantation.
Exact statistics not available; Actual figures could be higher There are a large number of patients with kidney failure that is moderately severe but not needing dialysis. This number is several folds higher. This is a medically very vulnerable population. Many of them can progress to develop severe kidney failure in the course of time.
We have no clear cut data available from our state. But roughly 4000-5000 new patients are initiated
on dialysis every year.
Raise awareness of our amazing kidneys
Highlight diabetes and hypertension are the key risk factors for CKD
Encourage systematic screening for all patients with DM and hypertension
Encourage preventive behaviours
Educate all medical professionals
Stress the important role of health authorities in controlling CKD as an epidemic
Our focus is to prevent Kidney Disease by changing the life style. Eat Healthy is our motto.
Exercise and physical activity are important determinants of the trends in obesity.
Nephrology Association of Kerala is planning to spread awareness throughout the State by conducting public awareness programmes, Screening Camps, Mini Marathon and Flash mobs in various districts of Kerala.
Encourage transplantation as the best option for kidney failure and the act of organ donation as a life saving initiative is the another objective of World Kidney day.
Kerala Government has been taking steps to promote Cadaver Transplant in the State through KNOS- Kerala Network of Organ Sharing. Above 1500 Chronic Kidney Patients are in the waiting list of Cadaver Transplant Registry. (For details: ttp://www.knos.org.in/). Press conference was attended by Dr. Abi Abraham. M, President , Nephrology Association of Kerala, Dr Binu Upendran, Secretary, Nephrology Association of Kerala and Dr. Jose Paul, Convenor, Cochin Nephrology Society.

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