UST Global Partners with Microsoft for Dev Confluence 2017

UST Global, a leading digital technology services company, partnered with Microsoft and Kerala Microsoft Users Group (K-MUG) to organise Dev Confluence 2017 at UST Global’s Technopark campus in the city.
The event was inaugurated by Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer and Country Head, UST Global. The keynote address was delivered by Annie Mathew, Director Audience Evangelism at Microsoft. OUSTGlobal-Microsoft Dev Confluencce 2017_Alexander Varghese speaksver 250 software professional from across companies attended the session which also witnessed a special guest, Yan Chummar, a 13-year- old developer from Kottayam who has already developed five apps for Android at this young age.
Addressing the audience, Annie Mathew, Director Audience Evangelism, Microsoft, said, “It is exciting to see the growing influence of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in our day-to- day life, its application in various industries especially healthcare and the need to democratize AI. We are happy to partner with
UST Global to host this year’s Dev Confluence in Trivandrum.”
Alexander Varghese, Chief Administrative Officer and Country Head, UST Global, added, “At UST Global, we focus on AAA, i.e., Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm and Augmented Reality, and we are privileged to partner with Microsoft to host Dev Confluence this year. Dev Confluence is a great platform that brings IT professionals together to discuss and share knowledge on the new technologies and how they will impact our lives.”

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