Zero Waste Discharge: Ideal Remedy for Complete Environmental Conservation: Cusat Vice Chancellor

Zero Waste Discharge is the most suitable remedy for issues related to industrial effluents and its negative impact son environment, said Cusat Vice Chancellor Dr. J. Letha.
She was inaugurating National Seminar sponsored by UGC on “Zero Effluent Discharge Technolenvmtogies” organized by School of Environmental Studies, Cusat. Eminent environmental Scientist Padabhushan Dr. Madhav gadgil was the chief guest.
Dr. Rajathy Sivalingham, Director, Environmental Studies presided. Dr. V. Sivanandan Achari, Associate Professor & Coordinator of the ZEDT 2017 Conference, Dr. N. Chandramohanakumar, Syndicate Member, Cusat, M Anand, Assstant Professor School of Environmental Studies spoke.
Dr. C. M. Narayanan, Formerly Head, Department of Chemical
Engineering, NIT, Durgapur, KUFOS Vice Chancellor and Faculty Dean Professor Dr. A. Ramachandran , S Jayapal, Scientist, Regional Directorate (South) Central Pollution Control Board, Bengaluru, and Dr. E. P. Yesodharan, (Former team leader
of United Nations weapon inspectorate) and Emeritus Professor, School of Environmental Studies spoke.

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