Epson InkTank Inkjet Printers Achieve Cumulative Global Sales of 20 Million Units

Seiko Epson Corporation (TSE: 6724) announces that cumulative global sales of Epson’s high-capacity InkTank inkjet printers have reached 20 million units. In India alone, Epson says it has sold in excess of 1.7 Million InkTank printers since its launch in 2011.
In June 2016, cumulative sales reached 15 million globally, with epsongrowth especially pronounced in emerging markets. By March 2017 this number has grown to 20 Million units. According to Epson research, Epson’s series of high-capacity ink tank inkjet printers make up about 10% of the combined laser printer/inkjet printer market in those countries (which totaled about 45 million units in the fiscal year ended March 2016). The extremely low cost per print of 7 paise for Black and 18 paise for Composite Colour has struck a chord with consumers and Epson has seen its sale in India go up exponentially over the years. As per the IDC Asia Pacific Hardcopy Peripheral Tracker (2016Q4 release) Epson is currently the No. 1 Inkjet printer brand in India by Value with a Market Share of 54.8% for the period Jan-Dec 2016.
Epson forecasts 25% year-on- year unit sales growth worldwide for these printers in the fiscal year ended March 2017, and that these products will account for approximately 40% of Epson inkjet printers sold worldwide in the same period.

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