Multilingual Songs at General Hospital from Cochin Singers Welfare Association


today at the Government General Hospital with ‘Kannanu Nedikkan Kadalipazham’, a song celebrating the new year.
Prem Palluruthy followed it up with ‘Mein Shayar Toh Nahin’ from the 1973 Rishi Kapoor starrer, Bobby. Along with Hima Sudarshan and Shah Kochi, the singers rustled up over 15 songs, a mélange of Hindi, Malayalam and Tamil evergreen melodies which suited the ambience of the hospital premises.AnM_Cochin Singers
Mehboob Memorial Orchestra offered accompaniment. The music show draws a fair crowd every week, offering solace to the listeners through therapeutic music which streams across the corridors through speakers installed at the dialysis and psychiatric wards.
Cochin Singers Welfare Association, a charitable association formed in 2010, has 40 professional singers as members. They present the ‘Hridayaraagam’ programme every year at Fort Kochi Hospital on ‘World Heart Day’ on September 29, apart from other charitable deeds.
“Presenting the well-chosen songs amidst an audience of patients, bystanders and hospital staff is a blessing, we feel that we are reaching out to the crowd from the heart. The platform offered by KBF to make it possible is commendable,” said Prakash, Secretary of the Association.
This week marked the 166th edition of the Wednesday music show, which is an initiative by KBF in association with Mehboob Memorial Orchestra and Lakeshore Hospital and Research Centre Limited to provide solace to patients through therapeutic music.

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