Regulation of Train Services for Subway Work

Southern Railway will be taking up construction work on a subway between Wadakancheri and Mulagunnathukavu stations. Train regulations as under will be imposed on 21st April and 23rd April 2017( Friday & Sunday only) for carrying out the safety related work.train
Train No. 56389, Ernakulam _ Kottayam Passenger scheduled to leave Ernakulam Jn at 8.35 pm will remain fully cancelled on 21st April 2017 (Friday Only)
Train No. 56363, Nilambur-Ernakulam Passenger will remain partially cancelled between Shornur and Ernakulam on 21st April 2017 (Friday Only)
Train No. 56603, Thrissur-Kannur Passenger leaving Thrissur at 5.55 am will remain Partially cancelled between Thrissur and Shornur on 23rd April 2017 (Sunday)
Train No. 16306, Kannur-Ernakulam Intercity Express will be detained for nearly 2 hours between Shoranur and Mulagunnathukavu on 21st April 2017 (Friday).
Train No. 01323, Pune-Ernakulam special train reaching Ernakulam on 21st April (Friday) will be detained for 3 hours at Wadakancheri And Its return Trip
as Train No. 01324 will have a late start by one hour from the scheduled time of 11.30 pm on same day.
Train No. 16343, Thiruvananthapuram Central-Palakkad Town Amruta Express leaving Thiruvananthapuram Central on 22nd April 2017 (Saturday) will be detained at Thrissur for nearly three Hours.

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