Workshop on Public Transportation at Infopark

Public transportation in Kochi is heading for a revolutionary change, as several key locations in the city will be connected through the metro rail and the water metro projects. Yet, Infopark, the IT Hub of Kochi, is outside the ambit of public transport and over 20,000 of its workforce are finding it tough to avail themselves of public transport, mainly buses. Today, parking poses the biggest challenge to the companies acpprnd their clients at Infopark.
Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and World Trade Centre, Kochi, are conducting a workshop on ‘Connecting Dots for Public Transportation’ on Thursday (March 23) at WTC Kochi Infopark from 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm.
The workshop aims to resolve the public transport challenges faced by Infopark companies by identifying the missing elements in ensuring sustainable public transport architecture for the region, focusing on the requirements of Infopark employees. It will be a platform for companies and individuals associated with Infopark to share their ideas on resolving the issue. Dr D Dhanuraj (Chairman, CPPR) will lead the workshop. It will be followed by the formation of a task
force represented by Infopark companies to study the various aspects of a robust public transport framework. Based on the study, a comprehensive report will be submitted to the authorities.

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