A Walk to Impart Knowledge on Road Safety

It is alarming to note the statistics which say one person in every 26 hours dies due to a fatal road accident in Goa. A lethal cocktail of narrow roads, inadequate law enforcement, a surge in vehicle population, and a deluge of untrained drivers are the main reasons for the rise in the number of deatStudents, faculty and non-teaching staff of ACCLA marching around Margao with placards raising awareness on road safetyhs due to road accidents in recent times.
As a part of their community activities, American College of Culinary & Language Arts (ACCLA) took up the initiative to organize a Road Safety Awareness Walk around Margao city. Students, faculty and non-teaching staff from ACCLA begun their one hour journey at 10.00am from the ACCLA campus, Ranghavi Building opposite Muncipal Garden and marched with placards in an effort to educate pedestrians with road safety tips and assisted traffic police in regulating traffic at busy junctions.
Prof. Madhav Punekar, Principal of American College of Culinary and Language Arts (ACCLA) said, “We have organised this walk to create awareness among pedestrians and commuters about road safety in the hope of minimizing the number of fatal accidents taking place in Goa”
Recognising the sharp rise in death tolls this year, the Goa police will be conducting a five day summer camp to educate students on road safety. The Government of Goa are installing speed breakers, rumblers, traffic signals at junctions as well as speed monitors to eliminate rash driving and minimize the number of fatal accidents in the state.

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