Ayurveda Can, AyurVAID Does

Thirty five year old Japanese housewife Orie Uro has been suffering from menstrual distress since her teenage years, having to bear severe pain and other accompanied discomforts, and live on pain killers. Hailing from Gunma Prefecture in Japan, she is the wife of a Japanese translator working in Bangalore since the last three years. Her condition aggravated two months ago forcing her to see a doctor who diagnosed her condition as Endometrial Hypothermia, thickness of the uterus. Alongside painkillers, he prescribed her a tablet which Orie found had many side effects.image
Worried and looking for alternatives on the internet, Orie found AyurVAID and she reached AyurVAID Clinics, Jayanagar last week of March 2017 with heavy and painful periods, increased tiredness and abdominal gas. Under the care of AyurVAID Medical Superintendent Dr.Zankhana Buch, she back in the pink of health with significant improvement in her condition. She had undergone 7 days of treatment. Today, she is off paint killers and happy she decided to trust Ayurveda at AyurVAID. Her story in her own words: “I suffer from menstrual problem since many years, since my teens, with severe stomach pain and other discomforts. Recently my bleeding increased. I went to see an allopathy doctor who said I was suffering from endometrial hypothermia as the thickness of uterus was getting more and more. The doctor said I should take a ‘Pill’ tablet. I searched the internet and found there were many side effects to taking the Pill. This was two months ago in March. I was afraid and began searching for other ways to get my condition treated. So, I searched the web and came across AyurVAID Hospitals. Ayurveda was new to me. But, I came to AyurVAID Clinics Jaynagar during the last week of March, 2017, and met Dr.Zankhana, the Medical Superintendent. Along with some medicines, she suggested I change my habits, my lifestyle. I changed them and also my food habits, giving up on some things I love. Side by side, I took some therapies. This went on for a week and today, my health is much better and my condition has improved significantly. I no longer take pain killers or medicines with any side effects. I did not need it.
My quality of life is better.This is my experience with Ayurveda. I would describe it is as a very practical treatment with no side efforts. Ayurveda takes time, but it identifies the root cause that gets manifest in different diseases, and cures it through a treatment program. It is very good and practical. People should be patient and opt for Ayurveda solutions. I am happy I did it, trusting the doctor, and I found the treatment very reliable. I thought Panchakarma therapies are soft, but found that though they are tough, they are very effective.”

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