Coconut Production Estimated to Decline During 2017

Coconut Development Board conducts survey for Concurrent Estimation of yield of the coconut in the country every year.
The survey conducted for the crop season 2016-17(July- June) reveals that the production of coconut is likely to decline compared to that of the previous year. Production for the agriculture year 2016-17 in the country is estimated at 20,789 million nuts which is 6.22% lower than previous year. The study was conducted by tcoconuthe Board in the major coconut growing states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Odisha, Maharashtra and Gujarat. The estimate indicates increased production in the states of West Bengal and Maharashtra by 3.96% and 0.37% respectively.
In Andhra Pradesh only a meager decrease was estimated, which is an indication that the State is returning back to normal as far as coconut production is concerned, after being severely hit by Cyclonic storms Phailin and Hud Hud in successive years 2013 and 2014. Production in other major coconut growing states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Gujarat and Odisha is estimated to decrease.
Major decrease in production at 15.86% and 10.38% is estimated in Gujarat and Odisha respectively. The four major southern states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh which contributes almost 91% of the country’s production, indicated comparatively lesser decrease at 8.47, 5.85, 5.17 and 0.81% respectively. The adverse effect of findings may be partly overcome by using irrigation facility.
In India, the highest productivity of 13617 Nuts/Ha is estimated in Andhra Pradesh and lowest productivity was estimated at 5782 Nuts/Ha in the state of Odisha. In Kerala, Kozhikode is having the highest productivity with 11,972 Nuts/Ha, followed by Malappuram (11,840 nuts) and Thrissur (11,218 nuts). Lowest productivity of 1856 Nuts/Ha. is reported from Idukki district.
The decline in production in almost all the states attributed to deficient m
onsoon, especially in Kerala where majority of the Coconut cultivation is under rain fed conditions, comparatively higher decrease in production is due to deficient monsoon. Coconut garden which are having irrigation facility and follows scientific management practices, production is not severely affected.

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