Cusat Research Scholar Discovered Plant and Species

Research scholar Ambily C. B of the Cusat School of Enviornmental Studies discovered a rare plant and a multi cellular species in Thattekkad Bird Sanctuary. The ancient vascular plant, Helminthostachys zeylanica Photo 4, H zeylanica -2 (2)and fresh water sponge Eunapius carteri are found from the Kolmbuthodu region of sanctuary.
Helminthostachys zeylanica is a monotypic genus belongs to the family Ophiolossaceae. Its vernacular name is ‘pazhutharakali’.
This taxon is reported first time in Ernakulam district and fern is used against various diseases.Photo 1, AmbilyFresh water sponge belongs to the Spongillidae family of Eunapius genus. In India this pecies is widely represented in the plains even extending to moderate heights. In Kerala its distribution is confined to Thattekad Bird Sanctuary.
The taxon were attached to the rocky surface, dead wood and submerged stump of bamboos. This sponge roughly circular in shape and measured up to 10- 14 cm across and grows huge in size and outnumber any other sponge sharing habitat. The scientific minutiate regarding the findings were presented in many conferences. Dr. A. Mohandas, Dr. S. Rajathy, Dr. Sugathan are the persons guided in the research.

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