Drishti Issues Advisory Owing to Rough Weather Conditions

With pre-monsoon rains lashing the state Drishti Lifesaving, the state-appointed professional lifeguard agency has issued an advisory cautioning locals as well as the tourist not to venture into the sea over the next 48 hours as the sea conditions are expected to be rough and heavy showers are expected to continue for the next few days.
The Indian Metrological Centre in Goa has confirmed that Goa will continue to witness heavy showers over the next 48 hours.
Drishti’s 700 -strong lifeguard force man Goa’s beaches through the year. Owing to the present weather cdrishtionditions, red flags have been posted across all beaches under Drishti’s surveillance indicating that these are strictly non-swim zones. The advisory can continue to be into effect depending on the weather conditions as monsoons are likely to hit the state in the first week of June.
P.N. Pandey, General Manager (Operations), Drishti Lifesaving Pvt. Ltd. said “We have put up red flags at all the beaches which means that the area is not meant for swimming. It’s advisable to steer clear of the high tide line in such circumstances. Even wading into the sea can be risky. We are closely monitoring the weather conditions. We strongly advise visitors not to venture into the sea as the sea and weather conditions are very rough. Our team of lifeguards present along the coast are monitoring the surroundings. The team is trained to carry out rescues even in rough weather.”
The Goa government shuts down the beaches for swimming and all water sports activities during the monsoon months from June to September each year as the sea during this season tends to be extremely rough and choppy. Goa will also be observing a 61-day fishing ban from 1st June to 31st July where nearly 1,500 trawlers will pull their nets off the territorial waters for the entire period of the ban.

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