Project Samaritan to Save Life Trauma and Emergency Care Programme Started

Rotary Club of Cochin West, VPS Lakeshore hospital and Kochi City Police together have launched a project namely Samaritan, an orientation programme on Trauma & emergency care.
The trial programme was successfully conducted at the Conference hall of Cochin Chamber of Commerce. President elect of Rotary Club of Cochin west Ajith Kumar Gopinath introduced the orientation programmProject Samaritan to save life Trauma & emergency care programme inaugurationeto the audience from various industries which was followed by detailed audio visual presentation conducted by doctors from VPS Lakeshore Hospital lead by Senior Doctor Lazar Chandy, Dr. Arun Oommen and Dr. Mohamed. Road Transport Officer and eminent speaker Adarsh Kumar spoke about road safety and other related topics about legalities involved.
Injury is an increasingly significant health problem throughout the world. Objective of the project Samaritan, is to educate and provide awareness on how to save a human life who is into a traumatic event, which involve situations that are either life-threatening or have the potential for serious injury from road accident, fall from a high rise building, physical or sexual assault, natural disaster, war, snake bite, electro
cution, burn injuries or even heart related problems which need emergency care and medication.
Accidents and traumatic events cannot be avoided, but their consequences can be mitigated by planning, exercises and preparedness. Although major events affect whole society, their impact on vulnerable groups is more evident. Children and youth which belong to the vulnerable groups need to be considered for special planning and education.
There is a lot we can do to help the person who has been affected, by extending timely help and save a life. Through this movement it is aimed at spreading awareness in the society with special focus to educate youth. Orientation programmes will be conducted among the schools, colleges and various other organisations interested, thus put our best efforts to bring down this alarming situation under control.

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