Railways to Act Tough on Unauthorised Vending

After the report on attempt to bring out spurious Railneer, Thiruvananthapuram division has inneertensified checks with RPF, Health Inspectors and catering Inspectors on available stock with Licensee stalls and other units no sign of spurious stock was found. IRCTC is presently supplying Railneer Packaged Drinking Water at 47 stations in Trivandrum Division from its Parasala Rail Neer Plant. Rail Neer Plant product is supplied to Railway catering liccensees alone , directly by the production unit it self. Railway catering licensees are instructed to accept packaged water from Rail Neer supplier only. Shelf life of Rail Neer is six months only and licencees are cautioned to check date and batch number before accepting the stock. To rule out chances of spurious Railneer in passenger trains by unauthorised vendors, joint check of RPF and squad TTEs are organised.

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