V -Care 24X7, help and rescue assistance, has come out with a novel technology to help those in emergencies with the click of a button, which is first of its kind in the country.
V-Care responds to distress bringing help and assistance on the spot for unforeseen emergencies such as unprecedented health failures, erupting fire, accidents, theft and criminal atrocities.Vcare - photo
V-Care 24X7, Managing Partner, Manishankar said that this technology is developed with the association of Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), a Central Government organization. The device looks similar to an identity card and in case of any emergency, a click on the button will give intimation (including their location) to the control room in the hub and to the mobile numbers given by the customer.
‘The customers could also speak through the device to the customer care centre and request for the help they need. The customer care centre will immediately inform the emergency to the relatives of the customer. Vcare will also take necessary steps to get help from police, fire force and ambulance service in accordance with the situation’, he added.
V-Care will collect all the details of the customer which will be uploaded in the computer at the control room. As soon as an emergency is alerted, the details of the customer including the location will be available on the monitor.
‘The customer care centre will act as per the need of the customer. Rather than making a call in mobile, this device acts very fast so that the assistance will reach the needy in no time’, Manishankar said.
In case of any theft or accident and if the customer is not in a position to speak for assistance, the device will capture the sound from surroundings and recorded at the control room.
Initially, the project will be implemented through Residents Associations, clubs, schools and apartments. V Care also plans to appoint franchisees in all districts in Kerala. Press conference was also attended by L Balachandran, Director; V. Vinayachandran, CEO and P J Mathew, Marketing Head (Kerala).

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