BJP’s Strategy for 2019 Parliament Election – Communalize the Country

Mr. Raj Nath, the Union Home Minister speaking proudly of the achievements of three years success of Modi Government very proudly proclaimed. “We have by and large, provided security to the country. India is the second largest country as far as Muslim population in the world is concerned (and can say with full responsibility that despite such a large population (of Muslims), the IS has not been able to set foot”. (emphasis supplied)
Frankly it is not clear whether he meant it to be a compliment for patriotism and Nationalism of Indian Musrajinderlims or was he only praising his security agencies that notwithstanding such a large population of Muslim his intelligence agencies have been able to control it. I hope it is not the later because it would be uncalled for and unjustly maligning the Muslim Community.
Mr. Raj Nath should openly say that the patriotism, nationalism of Indian Muslims is no less then that of any other community including Hindus. And that any one even remotely suggesting otherwise is talking treason, as some of the sickening communal Hindu bodies are doing.
Muslims do not have to show their patriotism on their sleeves – To suggest this would be calumny. In fact notwithstanding the provocation from the RSS fanatics, the equanimity shown by Muslims is praiseworthy. If Raj Nath is really keen to keep peace in the country, he needs to persuade Modi to immediately withdraw the deliberately provocative recent Animal Slaughter legislation which is being
opposed by Many States apart from the challenge in the High Courts. The legislation purporting to be for prevention of cruelty to animals is a ploy to snatch jurisdiction by the Centre on a subject of cattle market which squarely falls within the jurisdiction of State legislation. Even the B.J.P. accepts this, as is clear from
B.J.P. State President of Arunachal Pradesh openly announcing that the Centre’s ban on the role of cattle for slaughter could not to binding on those states. The whole of north East is in boil on this legislation.
Minister of Environment Mr. Harsh Vardhan says diplomatically that the government is open to suggestions. This sound hollow considering that half the States are opposed to this legislation which in reality is a camouflage to appease the Gau Rakshaks and to allow them to spread terror. This legislation has been deliberately brought up by BJP for further communalizing the situation and also ruination for poor Muslims who earn their living through these sales.
The atmosphere has been further violated by the installation by RSS Nagpur Bosses of Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister of U.P., who already has spread deep fear amongst Muslims in U.P., by openly praying at make shift Ram Temple near Babri Masjid demolition site – this is openly communalizing the situation in India which is the election strategy of BJP for 2019 Elections.
The prime Minister needs to be reminded of how he described these Gau lovers in August 2016 thus; “It makes me angry that people are running shops in the name of cow protection….Some people indulge in anti-social activities at night, and in the day masquerade as cow protectors.” (emphasis supplied)
Modi government is not even making a sham excuse to counter suggestions that its actions are weakening the morale of minorities. In that connection the way Modi has handled the formation of National Minority Commission shows that he only wants to keep a shell of it. The present Commission has been constituted after remaining vacant for months and that too of 5 persons comprising one Muslim as Chairperson and others from one each from other minorities. And this also has been done only after the High Court asked the government for response to a writ petition filed before it.
According to Census dated 2011, Hindu are 79.8% , Muslim 14.2%. Thus the rest 6% are other minorities like – Christians 2.3%, Sikhs 1.7%, Buddhists 0.7%, Jains 0.4%, parses. It can’t be denied that the object of National Minority Commission is to create a mechanism which would give confidence to the Minorities in India to feel that they have equal stakes in the running of the State and are equal beneficiaries of state programmes. It is hoped that the other two members to be appointed will be Muslims either from amongst well known academicians or public figures from the community to give some reassurance to the Muslims.
The report of U. N. Human Right council, Forum on Minority issued on December 14 th , 15 th , 2010 has also made some significant recommendations on Minorities and their effective participation in economic life, which each country is mandated to follow;
“The Council emphasizes; “Consequently, the right of minorities to participate effectively in economic life must be fully taken into account by governments seeking to promote equality at every level. From
implementing non – discrimination in employment and enforcing protection laws in the private sector to developing national economic development and international development assistance schemes.”
It is unfortunate that the opposition has not come up with concrete/ specific program on which it intends to fight 2019 election. In fact the opposition has become a debating / TV phenomena. It has no specific program for action. I feel that in the way Congress and other political parties are letting wither away an
opportunity which arose from the rising of Dalit forces in Saharanpur has been allowed to go waste speaks ill of their commitment.
There is already a competition between Chief Minister of U.P. and Modi the Prime Minister as to who will be greater favourite of Sangh Parivar after 2019 Parliamentary elections assuming BJP wins the majority. Yogi Adityanath has given a boost to these mischief mobsters posing as Gau Rakshak as indicated by
U.P., Director General of Police issuing instructions to all police officers that all involved in Cow slaughter should be booked under National Security Act – a legislation to meet with Jehadi / terrorists. Has BJP lost all sense of balance and proportion.

Rajindar Sachar

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