Equity Intelligence AUM Crosses Rs. 1000 Cr, to Launch a Category III AIF

Equity Intelligence has achieved an important milestone – Rs.1000 Cr Assets Under Management (AUM). We thank you on this momentous occasion for your patronage and confidence in Equity Intelligence.
Equity Intelligence, India’s most reputed and one of the largest SEBI Registered Portfolio Managers, serves 1350 investors. “It is a proud moment for a Kerala based boutique investment firm to be recognised as India’s best performing fund manager for over a decade” said Porinju Veliyath – MD & Portfolio Manager. “I thank inporinju - BLvestors, my colleagues and well-wishers for their support and wishes” he added. Equity Intelligence has delivered 32.76% CAGR (Compounded Annual Growth Rate) to investors for 14 years on an average.
Equity Intelligence launches new product – AIF
We are also delighted to share with you that we have received SEBI license for launching Category III AIF (Alternative Investment Fund), which is broadly the Indian equivalent of Hedge Funds abroad.
Equity Intelligence Category III AIF (Alternative Investment Fund) – “EQ India Fund”, will focus on turnaround stories and emerging opportunities from India’s fast changing economic profile.
AIF can invest in listed or unlisted companies and derivatives. It provides Fund Manager the freedom to pool funds and employ diverse investment strategies, use leverage, subscribe to Contd. preferential allotment, institutional placements etc. Minimum investment under AIF is Rs.1 Cr as per SEBI guidelines. AIF will be a fancied medium for HNIs to invest in equities, going forward. In fact, it can grow much bigger than Mutual Funds.
Future looks interesting and exciting as Indian economy is steadily and surely undergoing transformational changes in its landscape. Political management of economy both at Centre and the States is being oriented towards mega development and radical progress. Besides increase in per capita income, improving health and education, we see host of reforms leading to “one big pattern of eventual migration of economy”. Migration from “Black to White economy”, “Informal way of doing business to Formal”, “Cash to Digital”, “Nepotism to Meritocracy”, “Inefficient to Efficient”. This in general is excellent news for listed Indian equities and minority shareholders.
Another noteworthy and significant trend we envisage is rise in share of equity investment in total gross domestic savings. Despite being one of the highest savers in the World at around 32% GDP; barely 1% Indians invest in equities seriously. This is about to change; as equitie will soon be preferred asset class as compared to Gold, Real Estate and FDs.
‘Team-EQ’ is proud of the impressive performance during FY17, 46.98% returns on an average. We are humbled and burdened at the same time with a responsibility to out- erform. Let us continue to learn, explore and value invest – India is a paradise for stock-picking.

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