Discover Food from The Land of The Nawabs at Grand Hyatt Goa

Delightful gastronomy of Lucknow on your plate at Chulha from 3rd July to 9th July, 2017
The Bawarchis at award winning Indian restaurant, Chulha, Grand Hyatt Goa, bring to you a lavish dastarkhwan of culinary legacy from the kitchens of the majestic Awadhi Nawabs. Partake in a royal experience as our chefs recreate legendary dishes of regal origins specially curated from the haute Awadhi cuisine. At Chulha, Land Of Nawabs week at Chulha Grand Hyatt Goa2cooking is simply an expression of art. It involves the purity of earth, the depth of water and the intensity of fire all being transformed into a palette of flavors & textures. As a part of their constant endeavor in paying respect to the great cuisines, Chulha presents a ‘Lucknowi’ menu in symphony as a special promotion this week. The menu includes popular delicacies like Murgh Reshmi Kebab, Tundey Ke Kebabs, Dahi Aur Sauf Ka Shorba, Palak Paneer Ke Sikke and Mewa Mawe Ka Subz Tawa Kebab to take you on a northern epicurean journey.
Mains include non-vegetarian delights like, Lagan Ka Murgh, Jamindoz Macchli, Murgh Rizala and vegetarian relishes like, Paneer Pasanda Badshahi, Paratdaar Gheeya Malai Mussalam and Dal Sultani. Dig into the delicious Lucknowi Ghost Briyani and Nihari Gosht, which is sure to transport you to the imperial age of the Nawabs. No Awadhi meal is complete without rich desserts; end your journey with the Annanas Phirni or the Seba Malpua and Rabdi for a sweet end.
To compliment your regal experience also on the menu are specialty cocktails like the Nawab-E-Martini, a Whisky based concoction with cinnamon, pomegranate seeds and rose syrup, Shahi Sharbat with its five spirits, kokum, peppercorns and more, Jaam-E-Mehfil a tequila based drink with interesting Indian additions and the Paiman-E-Amrood with Vodka, guava juice and ginger ale.
Sample some of the most delicious culinary creations of all-time, breathe in the aromas of the princely dishes and discover layers of tastes, flavours and textures! In order to render the ultimate pleasure and the fascination of reflecting true “Awadhi” cuisine in the global culinary map, Chulha brings to you the finest dished which not only display the purity and perfection, they reflect the very basic and traditional art of unsung heroes both from the royal kitchens and common masses of Lucknow.

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