Sana Fathima Missing Girls’s Body Found from River

The body of the four-year-old girl, Sana Fathima who went missing under mysterious circumstances was recovered from Chandragiri river, near to her house.
The whole village was searching for the past seven days after she went missing from in front of her house. the body was recovered during a search conducted by local people. It was found in a place called ‘Pavithran Kayam’ in Panathur, near to her house. Her body was found stuck between trees on river side.
The girl went missing while she was playing in front of her house. Her mother and grandmother were inside the house.
Police, fire and rescue services and disaster response forces were conducting a search for a week. Primary assumption by police was that the girl might have slipped into the drainage nearby her house.
There were heavy rains on the day the girl went missing and her slippers and an umbrella was found beside the drainage.
Sana, daughter of Ebrahim, an autorickshaw driver, and Haseena, disappeared around 4pm last Thursday and there has been no clue of her whereabouts.
Water in the brook flows through a pipe before joining a river. Authorities went as far as getting earth moving equipment to dig up the pipe and searching the route leading to the river, but the efforts were in vain.
Coastal zone authorities conducted a search in the river nearby, but there has been no trace of the girl.

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