Best Weekend Places to Visit in Delhi NCR

People who live in Delhi/NCR have plentiful access to malls, restaurants, fast food outlets, nightclubs, theatre and other places that make urban living enjoyable. And on weekends there are a number of places residents of Delhi NCR can visit. A few places in the vicinity of NCR ideal to visit with family thanks to their hospitality and the family-friendly activities visitors can partake in are mentioned below.

Surajgarh Farms
Described as a village in city, Surajgarh Farms is an ideal destination to visit with family. Children who visit the village in city are spellbound by the number of activities they can take part in. Just as in a real Indian village, at Surajgarh Farms, children can play marbles and fly a kite. These activities have always been popular in India yet thanks to TV, video games, and social media, fewer young children take part in them. At Surjagarh Farms children can rediscover activities that have thrilled children for centuries.

At Surajgarh farms children can also participate in flying fox. To do flying fox, children climb to a secure platform and wear a comfortable body harness. The body harness is connected to a wheel that is secured on a taunt overhead wire. The overhead wire runs high over the ground to another lower platform. Children safely jump from the platform and fly over hundreds of feet. It’s an exciting adventure for children and gives them much to talk about with friends.

The food available at Surajgarh farms has a village theme because it is indistinguishable from the best food served in Indian villages. Children can also participate in sack racing and ride a camel. A visit to Surajgarh Farms ensures children develop a love for traditional Indian culture and experience firsthand what life is like in Indian villages.

Bagaan Orchid Retreat
Bagaan Orchid Retreat is an ideal place to visit with one’s family. It is nestled amidst huge mango orchids that bestow on the retreat a lush ambience. Visitors to the retreat stay in cottages that are equipped with amenities found in the best residences. They can participate in many adventure activities including wall climbing, rappelling, paintball, cycling, zip line, rope course, and body zorb fights.

There are also a number of outdoor sports to play at Bagaan. These include cricket, softball, badminton, volleyball, basketball, swimming, and pool. Visitors can also learn to make pottery and take bullock cart rides. What makes Bagaan an ideal retreat is the lush atmosphere that surrounds it. Visitors are able to get close to nature and at the same time have access to every conceivable modern facility.

Neemrana Fort Palace
One of the most enjoyable places to visit a short ride from NCR is Neemrana Fort Palace. The Fort Palace is a genuine fort that has been removed and opened to tourists. While Bagaan and Surajgarh farms are more attuned to nature, the Neemrana Fort Palace is better attuned to traditional Indian culture and opulence. Visitors to the palace stay in at least a five-star resort where they’re treated like Indian royalty was in its heyday. The Neemrana Fort Palace remains true to its roots by offering guests an authentic experience of Rajasthan including the opportunity to see fabulous sunsets from a 15 th -century fort that was once home to royalty.

In addition to swimming, visitors to the Fort Palace can participate in zip wire and eat foods prepared by some of the most talented chefs in Rajasthan.

One of the best things about living in NCR is how many great surrounding places one can visit. The three destinations mentioned above are exciting because they immerse visitors in culture and offer opportunities for adventure. A family that lives in NCR should take advantage of the fact these attractive places are only a short drive from their homes by planning a visit soon.



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