Actor Dileep’s Bail Plea Postponed to Aug 22

KOCHI: The High Court postponed the bail plea of actor Dileep, who was arrested in.

Sahapedia’s Heritage Walk Invites Residents to Explore Timeless Benares

VARNASI: Varanasi is said to be as old as time; and its meandering narrow alleys,.

Crowdfunding Campaign Launched to Save 1,000 years Old Theatre Art

NEW DELHI: A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to help protect one of the world’s.

Artist Aparna Bidasaria’s Meditations on the Banyan Tree Becalm a Chaotic City

MUMBAI: Into the hustle and bustle of life in a metropolis come the soothing, poetic.

Two-day Cultural Dialogue Series Pays Homage to Kathak Legend Rohini Bhate

PUNE: A two-day cultural dialogue series, organized by the Raza Foundation in association with Nadroop.

‘Mani Kaul Practiced Writing with the Camera’: Ashish Rajadhyaksha

NEW DELHI: Describing Mani Kaul’s uncompromising filmmaking practice as “writing with a camera”, noted cultural.

Biennale Music: 11-year-old Sings for Patients at General Hospital

KOCHI: Patients and bystanders at the Government General hospital were treated to the rare sight.

Every Language is a Catalyst for Music: T M Krishna

NEW DELHI: T M Krishna, the man who breaks the notion of the social conditioning.

Biennale Music: A Melodic Rendezvous for Patients at General Hospital

KOCHI: Professional singers Sangeetha Nair and Yahiya Azeez teamed up with cancer expert Dr. Balamurali.

Aparna Bidasaria’s Travelling Exhibition on Banyan Tree Comes to Mumbai

MUMBAI: As a child, she had a hypnotic spell cast upon her by the sight.