Ban on Instant Noodles, Oily Snacks on Punjab University Campus

PUNJAB: In line with the recent ban on preparation and consumption of junk food on.

80% of Non-organic Apples are Sprayed with a Toxic Chemical

The next time you reach for that fresh-looking apple on the shelf of your grocer,.

UGC Wants Colleges to Ban Sale of Junk Food on Campuses

NEW DELHI: All the colleges and higher education institutions affiliated to the University Grants Commission.

Amazon Pay Now Accepted on Domino’s

BENGALURU: Domino’s fans can now order their favorite pizza seamlessly at the click of a.

Keto Cycling Diet is the New Go-to Weight Loss Trick

Keto diet has seen sudden popularity because of its dramatic results. Almost everyone who’s looking.

Organic Food Found to Improve Human and Environmental Health

Organic food is not only better and healthier for human health, but for the environment.

Three Nutrient Dense Superfoods that are Easy on Your Digestion

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Use of Various Drugs and Chemicals in Indian Aquaculture

There has been serious concern by different national and international organizations over misuse or abuse.

Indian Chefs Create a Guinness World Record at Mount Everest

MUMBAI: Soundararajan P. and Sanjay Thakur, two of India’s leading Chefs, have created a Guinness.

Eating More Fruits and Vegetables Builds Stronger Bones

Growing up, a lot of people were led to believe the myth that only milk.