New Book Takes a Peek into Pharmacological Aspects of Traditional Medicine

MUMBAI: A new book “A Textbook of Traditional Medicine” takes a peek into the ayurvedic.

Fluctuating Personal Income may be Associated with an Increased Heart Disease Risk

DALLAS: Sudden, unpredictable drops in personal income during young adulthood are associated with an increased.

UK Doctors Sceptical that AI Could Replace Them: Study

LONDON: Although artificial intelligence (AI) is poised to disrupt health care, doctors in the UK.

Spirulina, the Superfood Which Can Relax your Arteries, Lower Blood Pressure

Suffering from hypertension? Take heart, Italian researchers have identified Spirulina, a superfood made from algae,.

Delhi HC Refuses to Vacate Stay on Online Sale of Medicines

NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court refused to vacate the stay on sale of drugs.

Shrikant Shinde Tables Private Member Bill in Lok Sabha

NEW DELHI: The incidents of attacks on doctors working in government and private hospitals are.

Study Implicates Hyperactive Immune System in Aging Brain Disorders

In a study of fruit flies, NIH scientists suggested that the body’s immune system may.

NIH Study Shows Proximity to Muscle Cells May Promote Spread of Prostate Cancer Cells

Proximity to nearby muscle cells may make prostate cancer cells more likely to invade nearby.

National Health Agency Revamped to Implement Pradhan Mantri Jan Aarogya Yojana

NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet on approved the restructuring of the National Health Agency, which.

Parent’s Job Stress Affects Children’s Health

HOUSTON: Parents take note! Having a sense of control over your professional life may help.