First Person on Mars Likely to be a Woman: NASA

WASHINGTON: The first person on Mars is ‘likely to be a woman’, NASA Administrator Jim.

Sex Education Before College Lowers Risk of Sexual Assault

WASHINGTON DC: Children should be exposed to sexuality education as a recent research found that.

‘Reasonably Attractive News Coming from India and Pakistan,’ says Donald Trump

Referring to the ongoing tension between India and Pakistan, United States President Donald Trump on.

World’s Smallest Baby Boy, Born in Tokyo Weighing 268 Grams

TOKYO: A baby born in Tokyo weighing the same as a large onion has gone.

China’s Leaders Want More Babies, but Local Officials Resist

BEIJING: Facing a future demographic crisis and aging society, China’s leaders are desperately seeking to.

World Leaders Urge Push To Improve Food Safety

ADDIS ABABA: Nations must work together more closely to eliminate unsafe foods which cause ill.

Diplomats Sue Canada Government over Mystery Illness in Cuba

A group of Canadian diplomats is suing the country’s government for C$28m ($21.1m; £16.4m) after.

Carrying Dead Body: Global Pravasi Association Welcomed Announcement of Budget

SHARJAH: The president of Global Pravasi Association (GPA) Salam Pappinisheri and the members Adv.Rifai, Shani.

Social Media Propagating Negative Information on Vaccination

LONDON: Negative messages about vaccines propagated on the social media are acting as the main.

Chinese Scientists Successfully Clone Five Baby Monkey

Five cloned monkeys have been born with genes that were edited to cause mental illness,.