Now, Women Can Enter Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Wearing Churidar

Women can now enter Sree Parmanabha Swamy temple for darshan wearing churidar. An order in this regard will be issued by Temple Executive Officer which the entry of  women wearing churidar will be allowed.
According to the current custom, girls and women can enter the temple only by wearing, saree, skirt padmanabhaand blouse or at least by wrapping a dhoti around their waist. On September 29, the high court had entrusted to the Executive Officer the job of taking a decision on churidar issue in consulation with devotees.
In the Temple Entry Proclamation of 1936, it was instructed that all women coming decently dressed be allowed entry inside the temple. The decision was taken after considering the argument that people went to the temple dressed according to changing trends and it was not fair to disallow churidhar, a popular dress of women today.
As time changed, temple started allowing sound system, telephone, camera, CCTV, metal detector, and automatic speed holding door inside it. Hence the temple authorities also decided to take a more liberal stand.
Meanwhile, chief temple priest and certain organisations were against changing the old custom and dress code. Among Travancore Royal family members also there were two opinions.


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