‘Language is a Mirror/Window into our Condition’: Prof. Alok Rai

NEW DELHI: Language is inextricably linked with dynamics of power and resistance and can provide.

A Masterclass on Music and Musicians: Pt Satyasheel Deshpande Dons Researcher’s Mantle

NEW DELHI: Most classical music lovers know Pandit Satyasheel Deshpande for his mesmerising khayal gayaki;.

Fear of Breaking Traditions Stifles Creativity in Dance: Aditi Mangaldas

NEW DELHI: Dance in India is increasingly being affected by narrowmindedness, an easy acceptance of.

Art is a Powerful Tool to Carry Social Messages: Dr Sonal Mansingh

NEW DELHI: Art cannot just be for art’s sake, it has to raise noble thoughts.

Bid to Suppress Dissent in Kerala’s Cultural Milieu: Ashok Vajpeyi

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Observing that there is a sinister attempt to suppress and punish the voices of.

‘Mythological Stories are not About Gods, they are About Human Nature’

NEW DELHI: Indian mythology and ancient puranas are not made-up stories about Gods; they contain.

Age of Trump: Intellectuals Must Speak Truth to Power, Says Prof. Jahanbegloo

NEW DELHI: Public intellectuals worth their salt need to question, dissent and speak truth to.

“Carrying Roots Around” Explores Creative Origins in a World of Neo-violence

NEW DELHI: In a globalized world of strange violence, where the plurality of societies is.

Senior Disciple Pays Touching Tribute to Music Legend Kishori Amonkar

NEW DELHI: The exquisitely lit lawns of the India International Centre resounded with classical ragas.

Raza Foundation’s Uttaradhikar Series, an Ode to the ‘Guru-Shishya’ Tradition

NEW DELHI: The Uttaradhikar series, a novel initiative by Raza Foundation to strengthen the classical.