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11-cm-Long Worm Removed From The Eye Of 58-Year-Old

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May 24, 2023

A 11 cm worm was successfully removed from the eye of a 58-year-old woman. The experts at KIMSHEALTH Thiruvananthapuram removed the worm from the muscle layer which causes eye movement through a complex two-hour-long endoscopic procedure.

The patient was admitted to the ENT department at KIMSHEALTH after experiencing painful swelling and redness in her right eye for two days. The CT scan confirmed that she had orbital cellulitis with abscess, which was complicating sinusitis. Orbital cellulitis is a condition in which the eyeball and orbital structures of the eye become inflamed. An ultrasound scan done on the patient revealed a live worm inside the eye and the microscopic examination confirmed it to be a long ‘Dirofilaria’ worm. Endoscopic drainage of the orbital abscess was performed alongside an endoscopic sinus surgery under Dr. Vinod Felix, Consultant, ENT Department which extracted the worm.

The worm is commonly seen in cats, dogs, and other animals and spreads through mosquito bites. Although the worm usually dies when it enters the human body, in a few, it can develop just below the skin layer, especially around the eyes. Very few such cases have been reported in India. Dr. Vinod Felix stated that the worm caused the cellulitis and reactive sinusitis, and all symptoms subsided after the worm was removed, and no further medical treatment was required. Dr. Lekshmi A, Senior Resident, ENT Department, and Dr. Shalini, Consultant, Anesthesia Department were also part of the surgery.