Accident at Traffic Signal: Malayali Gets Rs 60 Lakhs Compensation

Dubai court has ordered a compensation of Rs 60 lakh (Three lakh dirham) to a Thiruvananthapueam native who met with an accident at a traffic signal in Sharjah.

The accident occurred when a bike hit Sanal Kumar while he was crossing the road. The Sharjah traffic criminal court has registered case against Sanal Kumar for crossing the road carelessly and rider of the motor bike for riding carelessly.

Following the accident Sanal Kumar approached the legal representative Salam Pappinissery and filed case against the owner of the vehicle and insurance company. The case was filed through Adv Ali Ibrahim.

The representative of the insurance company argued that the accident occurred due to crossing of road carelessly. He also pointed that the accident victim cannot get any compensation as the Sharjah traffic court has found him to the accused in the case.

However, the court granted Three lakh dirham for the accident victim as compensation considering his injuries and examining other documents. Salam Pappinissery said that such accidents could be avoided if traffic signals are followed while crossing roads.



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