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AI System In Line with Human Values Make Sure it Works: Prof. Dr. Sanjeev P Sawhney

In Education
June 14, 2023

AI Systems In line with human values, human welfare and needs Professor of Eminence Dr. Sanjeev P. Sawhney, Founder and Principal Director, Jindal Institute of Behavioral Sciences, to make sure it works.

He was speaking at an event organized by OP Jindal Global University on the topic ‘An Analysis of the Comprehensive Changes Artificial Intelligence Brings at the Mental Level’ at Hotel Hyacinth.

He said that the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the field of education can greatly improve the teaching and learning experience, facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and thereby bring about revolutionary changes in the field of work.
AI has become a huge force in the industrial sector It can revolutionize the traditional methods of education and redefine the way of learning and thereby make the career paths very innovative.For that, it is necessary to study in which ways AI should be designed, how its development and deployment should be.

User experiences, human factors, and usability should be emphasized He also opined that AI systems should be designed.
human knowledge, Based on perspective and character AI systems need to be designed to fit the user’s mental models, interests and needs.
Its systems are built according to human-centered design principles Ease of use,Provide user with knowledge, awareness,
He said it should be possible to ensure that various human biases are used without any, along with ensuring support for user goals.
and psychological theories Experiments with user expectations They should reinforce beliefs and dispel doubts about AI’s potential to assist in critical decision-making.

Sustained academic excellence for students by providing individualized study methods and instruction The world has recognized the potential of AI to deliver.For AI algorithms A student’s career goals, skills, and learning abilities and evaluated Can suggest courses, training programs, webinars and conferences in related fields of study. Comprehensive Knowledge of each learner through data analysis (AI) helps to identify gaps immediately and prescribe necessary feedbacks in real-time thereby ensuring learning excellence.

Many (AI) techniques in the classroom Systems may be changed in the future. and Virtual Reality (VR) in classrooms AI can impart augmented reality (AR) learning experiences to students. Currently they are mostly used for gaming and entertainment purposes only. However, he said, virtual reality experiences will help ensure that future learners are fully immersed in real-world situations and learn more effectively and efficiently. In the conference, Prof. Dr. Pulkit Khanna, Prof. Padmanabha Ramanujam also participated.