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Air India Group Spreads Wings to Operate Special Haj Flights

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May 23, 2023

Air India, India’s leading airline and a Star Alliance member, and Air India Express, India’s first international budget airline, will be flying around 19,000 Haj pilgrims from four destinations in India to Jeddah and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Yesterday, the first Air India flight of this year’s Haj operations, AI5451, had taken off from Jaipur International Airport at 1105 hrs and reached Medina at 1350 hrs (All local time).

During the first phase of the operations, Air India will be operating 46 flights from Jaipur and Chennai to
Medina and Jeddah, respectively, from 21 st May to 21 st June 2023. During the second phase, Air India will be bringing back the pilgrims from Jeddah and Medina to Jaipur and Chennai operating 43 flights from 3rd July to 2 nd August 2023. The number of pilgrims scheduled to fly with Air India from Jaipur is 5871 on 27 flights while 4447 pilgrims will be flown by it from Chennai on 19 flights. Overall, a total of 10318 passengers will be flown by Air India to Saudi Arabia with its Boeing 787 and Airbus 321neo aircraft.

On the other hand, Air India Express will be deploying its B737-800 aircraft to operate flights from
Kozhikode and Kannur from 4th to 22nd June 2023. It will operate 44 flights from Kozhikode to Jeddah –
carrying 6363 passengers and 13 flights between Kannur and Jeddah carrying 1873 passengers during
the first phase. A total of 8236 passengers will be flown by Air India Express operating 57 flights during
the first phase. In the second phase, from 13 th July to 2nd August 2023, Air India Express will fly back the
pilgrims from Medina to Kozhikode and Kannur.

Commenting on the joint operations, Campbell Wilson, CEO and MD, Air India said, “Air India is
happy to resume the annual special flights for the sacred Haj pilgrimage from the cities of Chennai and
Jaipur while Air India Express will operate from Kozhikode and Kannur. Our collective effort with Air India
Express is to provide unparalleled comfort and convenience to the passengers on this pilgrimage. We
look forward to serving the pilgrims through our dedicated flights. We have taken special efforts to boost
our on-ground teams at the relevant airports to ensure special care for all our valued guests on these

Aloke Singh, MD, Air India Express & AirAsia India, added, “We are happy to operate Hajj special
flights from Kozhikode and Kannur, for the benefit of pilgrims from Kerala, in addition to our scheduled
flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Mumbai, Mangaluru, Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi,
Kozhikode and Kannur. With this special initiative, Air India Express and Air India are going the extra mile
to ensure a seamless travel experience, enabling our passengers to embark on their spiritual quest with
peace of mind and undivided focus.”

Meanwhile, Air India and Air India Express have mobilised all resources to make extensive arrangements
for ensuring a smooth and seamless travel experience for the pilgrims of the Haj flights being operated
by them.

Dedicated on-ground teams: The airlines have set up special teams comprising experienced
professionals at all the four stations in India and also at Jeddah and Medina from where the flights will
be operating. They will be focusing on every aspect of operations from departure to arrival. In addition,
a dedicated control centre has been established for constant monitoring and co-ordination of these

Special arrangements for senior citizens: Air India and Air India Express have made special initiatives to
ensure that the elderly pilgrims receive special care and attention.

Smooth Check-in: To make the check-in formalities more convenient for all pilgrims, Air India will be
handing over boarding passes to them in a customized envelope along with the other important
documents. Air India Express will be providing colour-coded pouches for passengers to carry both their
onward and return journey boarding cards at the time of check-in in India. Further, bold-lettered, bright
luggage tags indicating the origin and destination will be made available by both the airlines for easy

Baggage handling facilitation: Arrangements have been made for the collection of checked-in bags from
passengers in Medina, via contracted transport operators in Jeddah. The baggage will be delivered to
the airport 24 hours before departure.

Refreshment provisions: Adequate arrangements with select caterers have been made by both the
airlines to offer meal boxes during the course of the journey from pre check-in to boarding from India,
on board the flight, and at the time of disembarking at Jeddah and Medina.

Availability of Zamzam water: Air India and Air India Express will be bringing Zamzam water on the
return ferry flights to India. This will be stored at the four destinations operated by them in India, on
arrival. The holy water will be finally handed over to the pilgrims after they land back in their home