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Amidst COVID Surge Johnson & Johnson Employee Helps Save Patient Lives

In Health
November 01, 2021

Even as the pandemic brought the entire nation to a grinding halt, Kerela stood out in its handling of the crisis. ‘Kerala model’ became the most talked about example of success that focused on testing, containment, community support and contact tracing.

But as India’s COVID cases dropped to record lows after the devastating second wave, Kerala’s cases consistently remained high. It accounted for almost 70% of India’s new Covid-19 cases and the positivity rate continued to be 17% until recently. In such a scenario, there has been a constant demand for critical medical resources where it needs support from its citizen.

While all resources were directed to tackle COVID, providing emergency care to non-COVID patients suffered and treatment for heart ailments, stroke, trauma, and cancer took a backseat. Adding to the woes, strict lockdown hampered the supply chain and delayed timely interventions. Many a patient landed at emergency departments needing critical care. With healthcare landscape overwhelmed, there were many instances where Samaritans supported healthcare providers in saving lives.

Johnson & Johnson’s Sreejith S is one such individual who went above and beyond his call of duty to save a patient who needed emergency surgery after a heart attack.

With the state under a triple lockdown, travelling from one city to another was extremely difficult. He received a call from a surgeon-based in Kottayam requesting assistance on a life-saving product used to avoid post-operative surgery complications. Without hesitation, Sreejith drove 70 kilometers from Kochi to the hospital and ensured that the required product was delivered in time for the surgery. He also waited for five hours till the procedure was successfully completed. The surgeon appreciated his kind gesture.

This isn’t where Sreejith’s selfless efforts ended. Two days later, the same surgeon requested his help for another patient, and he gladly travelled to Kottayam to help save another life. Such instances affirm that no matter the situation or distance, acts of kindness can touch many lives.