Arrest of Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery Proves the Wrong Attitude of Govt

The arrest of Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery who said about the side effects of preventive medicine for leptospirosis proves the wrong attitude of the Government, said writer Kalpetta Narayanan.
He pointed out that Dr Jacob Vadakkanchery was following the treatment methods of Mahatma Gandhi. The State Government had arrested a person who had proved that diseases could be prevented without medicine.
Jacob Vadakkanchery proved that food and exercise could help in preventing medicine. Health Minister who is supporting allopathy is helping the private hospitals to grab money from patients, he said.
All treatment methods including allopathy, ayurveda, homeo and naturopathy should be maintained here. Diseases could be prevented through good food, exercise and good environment, he added.
He pointed out that he is not against allopathy. In certain instances who have to take allopathy treatment. But the Government should rethink on providing medicines which have side effects.


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