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ASCEND Stalls Display Array of Innovative Startup Products Across Sectors

In Business
January 10, 2020

With the aim of spreading education using virtual and augmented reality to the autistic, a Kerala startup has devised a technique that betters the grasping capacity of children with developmental disorders who find it difficult to socially interact and communicate.

Named ‘Auticare’, the assistive technology learning platform for special education is on display at the two-day ASCEND 2020 Global Investors Meet being held by the Kerala government to promote ‘Ease of Doing Business’ in the state.

The affordable and immersive device is among the key attractions across the two dozen stalls that exhibit products of startups participating in the January 9-10 event at the Lulu Bolgatty International Convention Centre in this city. For the health sector, a portable personal exerciser and an equipment that accurately assesses the real-time performance of peripheral veins are drawing curious visitors at ASCEND that was inaugurated by the Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Thursday.

Embright Infotech, which is based out of Technopark in the Kerala capital of Thiruvananthapuram, shows off Auticare that teaches autistic children real-life skills through experiencing an interactive 3D virtual environment. “The modules are doctor-guided and, hence, safe. It’s fun too,” says Embright founder Sathyanarayanan A R. “Parental involvement is also possible, as it’s a home-based therapy,” he says.

Also, doctors get valuable data from the interactive session even as the AI Cloud platform analyses the performance data and generates a patient performance graph.

The portable personal exerciser at an ASCEND stall is brand-new, having been launched in India only two months ago by a US-based Malayali doctor. Called ‘AnkleMotion’, the device comes in handy for the sedentary person to simulate walking during bedrest or while in a seated position, points out its inventor Dr Antony Mathew, who has been practising in Florida, US for the last 36 years.

“AnkleMotion increases the range of motion, while reducing leg-swelling or edema by improving blood circulation and preventing blood clots,” says Dr Mathew, who has an office in Kaloor here. “It takes only an additional attachment to use the floor-model device as one suiting the patient on bedrest.”

Then there is ‘Veineux AR 100’ that spots veins differentiating them from the surrounding tissues when the device is held about 30 cms above the skin. “The vasculature shows up clearly on the skin’s surface, aiding in vein location to collect a blood sample or to administer an IV medication,” points out Rajesh Kumar S, Managing Director of Medtra based in Kochi. “It’s portable, rechargeable, safe and has display options for viewing based on different body characteristics and skin tones.”

Among other stalls at ASCEND are Bagmo Pvt Ltd’s blood tracker that tracks blood bag from donor to patient so as to ensure an efficient supply of vital body fluids in banks and storage centres; Susrutha Innovations and Wellness that is into stem-cell therapy; Kerala Remedies that is engaged in standardised herbal and spice extracts; an emergency escape sliding chute system by Dynamit Innovations; the country’s first commercial solar ferry ‘Aditya’; portable quality monitor named ‘airU Indoor’ and hydroU (for water) among others; and ‘rapidor’ that reduces office expenses and increases team efficiency.

ASCEND, an international conference presenting 100-plus big-ticket, feasible projects, is being organised by the Department of Industries under the Government of Kerala.