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Aster Medcity Extends Its Cardiology Services to Maradu P.S Mission Hospital

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July 05, 2023

Aster Medcity joins hands with Maradu P. S Mission Hospital to deliver high-quality healthcare services in the cardiology department of the P. S Mission Hospital. Aster Medcity’s esteemed experts in Cardiac Sciences Department will now be available at Maradu P. S Mission Hospital, marking a significant milestone in the partnership between the two institutions. The official inauguration of this collaborative initiative was conducted by P. Rajkumar, Assistant Commissioner of Ernakulam.

With this expansion, Aster Medcity will offer a comprehensive range of cardiac services, including OP consultations, echo, TMT tests, angiogram, angioplasty, cardiac ICU, primary angioplasty, preventive cardiology, and a fully equipped cath lab with modern facilities. The department will be staffed with the expertise of Dr. M D Sudheer, Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist from Aster Medcity, who will provide full-time services. Additionally, the hospital will benefit from the presence of a skilled cath lab technician.

“We are happy to extend the most advanced treatment at Aster Medcity to other hospitals and our aim is to provide the best treatment to everyone,” said Farhaan Yasin, Vice President, Aster India.

This collaboration between Aster Medcity and P. S Mission Hospital represents their ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional medical services to the public. Last year, Aster Medcity took over the emergency department of P. S Mission Hospital, and the positive response received encouraged the expansion into the cardiac service domain.

“We, at Aster Cardiac Sciences, are dedicated to encouraging and empowering smaller healthcare centers to provide the best cardiac care for patients and ensure world-class treatment,” stated Dr. Anil Kumar R, Lead -Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiology, Aster Medcity.

Farhaan Yasin, Vice President, Aster India, Dr. Anil Kumar R, Lead- Senior Consultant – Interventional Cardiology, Aster Medcity, Consultants Dr. Sandeep R and Dr. M. D Sudheer, Dr. Sr. Annie Sheela Director and Cardiologist of P. S Mission Hospital and Dr. Kunjumon M Sebastian Medical Mission Director spoke at the event.