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Aster Medcity Introduces Latest Hip Replacement Technology

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May 15, 2024

Aster Medcity introduced the first Direct Anterior approach in Total Hip Replacement (THR) in Kerala, introducing an innovative technique that originated recently in the USA. This cutting-edge technology, clinically proven to surpass existing methods, marks a significant advancement in orthopedic surgery. The Direct Anterior approach, performed for the first time in Kerala at Aster Medcity, offers superior benefits over traditional hip replacement procedures. Unlike conventional techniques that involve cutting or separating muscles from the bone, this innovative approach utilizes a new path to access the hip joint with better accuracy, resulting in enhanced patient outcomes.

The milestone procedure, conducted on a 55-year-old individual had been suffering from hip pain for the past three years. Despite previous recommendations for hip replacement from multiple hospitals, the patient was apprehensive until the pain became unbearable, prompting a visit to Aster Medcity.

With the Direct Anterior approach, patients experience reduced pain, minimal blood loss, and accelerated post-operative rehabilitation. The technique enables patients to lie comfortably during surgery and facilitates immediate post-operative ambulation, leading to faster recovery compared to conventional methods.

“This is going to be a mile stone and game changer in the total hip replacement surgeries with so much of advantages to the patient during and after the surgery,” said Dr. Vijaya Mohan S, Senior Consultant – Orthopaedic Surgery. Aster Medcity-Kochi.

Farhaan Yasin, The Vice president, Aster India commented that this is an excellent example of Aster’s commitment to people of Kerala to bring the latest technology and benefits in treatment developments to Kerala without any delay whenever it happens anywhere in the world.