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Aug 29 is Last Date for Registration of KSUM’s ‘She Loves Tech’ India Round

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August 22, 2023

Registrations are on for another week for She Loves Tech, which is a global platform committed to closing the funding gap for women entrepreneurs amid efforts by Kerala Startup Mission (KSUM) to build an ecosystem for technology, entrepreneurship and innovation.

A month ahead of the India round for the ‘She Loves Tech Global Startup Competition’, August 29 is the last date to apply for the event designed to give the world’s most promising women tech entrepreneurs and women impact startups a unique opportunity to showcase their businesses to a global audience of investors and influencers.

Applications can be made at https://womenstartupsummit.com

KSUM is the India Partner of the September 29 ‘She Loves Tech’, playing a pivotal role in developing and orchestrating a vibrant startup ecosystem that seeks to cater technologies to create developmental interventions for the community.

The annual competition series, typically, kicks off with pitch rounds globally before culminating in a bootcamp, global finals and the She Loves Tech’s flagship conference. This year, registrations opened on June 10 and the India round competition on 29 September is being held in alignment with the KSUM’s Women Startup Summit.

The winner of the India round will then move into the global phase of the Competition. The Global Semi-Finals of the competition will serve as the penultimate competition round as well as an investor demo day, allowing startups to pitch to a high-level group of investors directly for funding. All the global finalists will have the opportunity to fly to Singapore to join us at the She Loves Tech Global Conference, where the top global winners will also be provided the stage to showcase their businesses in front of our global audiences. The Global Finals & Conference will be in this October.

As for eligibility, the applicant seeking seed, angel or A-round funding (below five million US dollars) should have at least one minimum viable product (past the conceptual stage). The startup’s founding team must have at least one female entrepreneur using technology. Or the applicant can be an entrepreneur (male or female) using technology to impact women positively.

All startups must be technology-based, while they may only apply for one local competition round with consideration of whether the country/region they reside, work or have operations. English is the preferred language for pitches, but it is not required to ensure inclusivity in applications.

KSUM is Kerala government’s nodal agency established in 2006 for entrepreneurship development and incubation activities in the state.