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Axis Bank Launches QuikPay Home Loan; An Industry-First Reducing Monthly Instalments

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December 19, 2018

Axis Bank, the country’s third largest private bank, today launched ‘QuikPay Home Loan’, a first-of-its-kind home loan offering that will let home buyers save big on the interest amount component of the loan.

Essentially, as against the industry norm, QuikPay Home Loan will offer an alternative repayment structure, wherein the customer repays an equal amount of principal every month along with interest on the outstanding balance. Thus an equated principal amount combined with reducing interest amount component will lead to reducing monthly instalments. As a result, there will be an overall reduction in total interest amount component paid over the entire tenure of the home loan, thereby benefitting the customer.

Instead of EMIs (equated monthly instalments), the customer will pay reducing monthly instalments. While the initial instalments will be higher (than the EMI on the same loan amount for the same tenure), the instalment amount keeps reducing throughout the loan tenure.

Speaking at the launch, Rajiv Anand, Executive Director (Retail Banking), Axis Bank, said, “For the benefit of our customers, we have launched QuikPay Home Loan, which is an innovative product that will reduce the overall interest burden on the borrower. We are confident that this unique concept of ‘reducing monthly instalments’, along with big savings on interest, will be an attractive proposition for home buyers.”

To illustrate the offering, let’s consider a typical home loan of Rs. 50 lacs for a 20 years at 9.00% pa. This loan will have a total interest outgo of Rs. 57.96 lacs over 20 years for the customer. However, with Axis Bank’s QuikPay Home Loans, for a loan of Rs. 50 lacs for the same tenure, even with a slightly higher annual rate of interest of 9.20%, the overall interest outgo will be only Rs 46.19 lacs, thereby resulting in an overall saving of Rs 11.77 lac for the customer.