Bengaluru-based Swamy G Group Offers Rs 700 crore Development Work for Kerala Temple

The Bangalore-based Swamy G Group has come up with a plan to make the Chottanikkara Devi Temple an international pilgrimage center. This may be the largest temple city project in the state. The Swamy G Group aims to bring the temple and its surroundings to international standards by renovating them with sculptural ingenuity. Gana Shravan Swamiji, Chairman, Swamy G Group, said that the temple city project, which is expected to cost Rs 700 crore, is expected to be completed
within the next five years.

A preliminary project proposal has already been prepared under which series of development works will be carried out. Construction of two gopurams (entrance tower), renovation of parking ground, construction of marriage hall, modernisation of Navrathri mandapam, construction of ring road and waste treatment plant are proposed using the offering.

The detailed design of the project is being considered by the Kerala High Court Devaswom Bench. He told a news conference in Kochi that permission was expected to be granted this month and construction would begin as soon as the High Court approved it. Gana Shravan Swamiji said that the entire amount required for the project will be borne by the Swamy G Group. Apart from the renovation of the temple, a 500-bed super-speciality hospital project and an orphanage and poor home project will also be implemented. The project will be the first multi-specialty hospital in South India to offer free treatment, said architect BR. Ajith said. The second phase included the development of the nearby area’s roads also and hence it would require nod of the local body also, said architect Ajith who prepared the proposal.

Ring road, water treatment plant, biogas plant, guest houses, VIP guest house, multi- level car parking, ample parking facility, wedding hall, auditorium and dining hall will also be constructed. A special footpath will be constructed for the devotees. Forty feet high golden towers will be erected on the east and west sides of the temple at a cost of Rs. 5 crore. The towers will be constructed using cut stone in the Kerala architectural style.

Shopping complexes will be constructed around the temple for traders. At a cost of Rs 150 crore, there will be seven guest houses with 300 rooms each, a lounge for drivers and highmast lights. Three ring roads will be constructed around the temple. The construction work will not affect the people in any way and will not disturb existing populations. The project also includes two bridges, a drainage and an industrial park for handicrafts and a commercial complex.

The construction work will be in Kerala style. The main attraction of the temple is the Navratri Mandapam with mural paintings. The Swamy G Group will carry out the construction work. The Devaswom Maintenance Division will oversee the construction work. A five-member committee comprising representatives of the Devaswom Board, Swamy G Group and Ajith Associates will be formed to evaluate the construction work. The Devaswom Board submitted a detailed report of the project to the Government.

The project report was prepared by Prominent architect from Ernakulam, B.R. Ajith Associates. Architects Shubha, Shubula and Satheesh led the design. Swamy G Group Managing Director P. PuttRaj said that the temple city project is being implemented not only for the benefit of the Chottanikkara temple but also for the benefit of all devotees, neighbors and the general public. The businessman Gana Sravan Swamiji, who has been into gold and diamond business, was in deep crisis a few years ago when his guru advised him to visit Chottanikkara temple. After visiting the temple he started getting good fortunes in business. Since 2016, he has been visiting the temple regularly.


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