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Blockchain Start-up Kingspin Technology Services Starts its Operation in India

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November 27, 2021

Kingspin Technology Services, (www.kingspin.in)a Malayali driven UAE based blockchain start-up plans to spread its wings in Kerala with Kochi as an Offshore delivery center to expand Blockchain Development Team and also focus on other Digital Transformation Technologies such as Data Science and IoT. This would make Kingspin the first UAE based Blockchain Company to start an offshore development center in Kochi and that too with Keralites at its helm. The office will be in Smart City, Kochi. It is recognised by Startup India and Kerala start-up mission. 

80 percent of their development work will be done from Kochi centre and in the initial stage it will employ 70 people and may reach 100 with in six month. They will be hiring more freshers as there are not many with experience in Blockchain technology in the country. The company focuses on Blockchain and its real-world implications including Asset Tokenization aspects in Environment Sustainability Quotient, Real Estate and Customer Loyalty.

With planned launch of a branch in Wyoming, US, the Angel funded startup is also planning to experience the Silicon Valley Technology upgrades and correspondingly streamline the journey forward in current digital decade embracing latest technology advents.

“We plan to expand our services around India within next 1 year. Our plan is to optimize the blockchain technology applications towards societal benefits. However, the use of block chain technology in business cases such as to save real estate documents digitally will only take off once our appeal to the government to legalise it get a green flag. When we came to India, it was difficult to be accepted at first. But in the past two years, the usage of
technology and exposure to it went high. As of now most of our customer base is in UAE and the US,” said Azif Ali, CEO, Kingspin Technology Services.

One among the first Blockchain companies to announce a Utility based Crypto Token associated with Reduce, Reuse and Recycle global campaign, Kingspin, as part of its vision which considers environment sustainability as a primary component, is to develop a token tradeable in the Crypto Market which is mined and minted only based on equated global Carbon Credit quotient.

Other major Token initiatives include Real Estate Token Concept and Non-Fungible Tokens and NFT Marketplace. The launch of Kingspin technology services in India was held on Saturday at Hotel Marriott in Kochi. Asif Ali, CEO Kingspin, Rajeev MS, Director, Kingspin, Sunil Nair, Director Kingspin and Yash Dugar, CEO, HTEL were also in attendance.