Bomb Blast at Malappuram Collectorate

A bomb placed under a car parked near the Judicial First Class Magistrate Court blasted at the Malappuram Civil Station compound. Three cars were damaged in the blast.
Police recovered a few batteries and wires, a paper box, a pen drive and a printed paper ascribblasting the blast to the Base Movement. The letter, with the photograph of the killed al-Qaeda head Osama Bin Laden, had references to alleged human rights violations in the country, including the killing of Mohammed Akhlaq in the name of eating beef.
A similar blast took place in the Kollam Collectorate compound in June this year. The Base Movement, a mysterious organisation, was suspected to have been behind that blast too.
The blast took place under a car hired by District Medical Officer (Homoeo) Reji Kuzhiyellil. There was no one in the car when the blast occurred. A man sitting in a Maruti car a few metres away ran for cover as the blast shook the entire Collectorate compound. “I was thrown out of my chair in my office,” said District Medical Officer V. Ummer Farook.
Senior police officers who examined the blast site said that the explosive was kept in a tiffin box under the diesel tank of the car. Eye witnesses said the car was lifted off the ground in the blast.


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