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BTVI Money Mantra Hits New Ground in Delhi, Gets a Great Response

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February 02, 2019

BTVI Money Mantra, an initiative by Business Television India (BTVI) received an outstanding response from the audiences of Delhi.

The evening kick started with Muralidhar Swaminathan, Channel Director BTVI sharing how BTVI is constantly working towards adding value to viewer’s lives and these on ground initiatives are a part of BTVI’S plan by targeting directly and indirectly millions of investors all over the country through Money mantra. This was followed by a panel discussion on the market scenarios.

The discussion continued on ‘‘How to build your portfolio in uncertain market scenario’. It was open to audiences who were keen to understand the dynamics of the current market situation.

The event was an interesting exchange between experts from the finance industry such as Kalpesh Ashar, Founder, Full Circle Financial Planners & Advisors, Sanjiv Bhasin EVP – Markets & Corporate Affairs at IIFL securities and Ajay Garg, CEO & Director, SMC Global Securities Ltd.

The panel discussion had interesting and intellectual views by experts. One of the panellists stressed on the importance of identifying the right time to buy, hold and sell according to the market conditions. The session answered many questions enabling the audiences to take the decision whether to buy, sell or hold.

The session laid great emphasis on the fact that buying is easy, and selling is not, since every layman experience that the prices go down when you have bought, and prices go up when you sell. The panellists also highlighted that buying and selling is not only for traders, it is important for every investor.

The panellists also discussed the volatility in the market conditions. The session also shed some light on the pros of investing in Mutual Funds.

On the idea behind money mantra, Anuj Katiyar, Head of Marketing, Research and Branded Content at BTVI shared “BTVI’s Money Mantra is a journey that we have embarked upon to increase the financial independence of the citizens of the country. By doing these on-ground events we take expert opinions and guidance directly to the people who are dependent on secondary sources for financial guidance. We have had an overwhelming response in Mumbai, Surat, Ahmedabad and now in Delhi. With Money Mantra We have now started a dialogue on financial growth, which till now was a monologue by the business channels. We also have a lot of youth participation which clearly indicates that the young population is also getting aware and involved in financial and wealth generation kind of conversations. It’s very heartening to see people taking wealth generation so seriously. It’s like the butterfly effect. One small change here will have a large impact somewhere else. Small wealth generation conversations will have a much larger positive impact on the economy. And BTVI is happy to contribute to the nation’s growth. So, don’t forget to Save, Invest and Prosper.”

Money Mantra will have its fifth chapter in Bangalore the coming month. The initiative will travel across all metro cities and will also take place in Chennai, Hyderabad and Kolkata over a span of next few months.