Russian Forces Resort to Looting: Ukraine Military

NEW DELHI:The Ukrainian military on Tuesday claimed that Russian forces were increasingly resorting to looting.

Dream of Asim Velimanna Came True Thorugh Salam Pappinisseri

SHARJAH:A differently abled 15-year-old boy, Muhammad Asim alias Asim Velimanna, who swam in Periyar river.

Russian Paratroopers have Landed in Kharkiv

KIEV:The Ukraine military says Russian paratroopers have landed in its besieged second-largest city Kharkiv, BBC.

Mexico Declines to Join Russia Sanctions

MEXICO:Mexico won’t be taking part in the international pile-on to sanction Russia over its invasion.

S. Korea to End Transactions with Major Russian Banks under US Sanctions

SEOUL:South Korea said Tuesday it plans to suspend financial transactions with seven major Russian banks.

Ukraine Creates ‘IT Army’ to Hack Russian Websites

KIEV:Facing massive cyber-attacks from Russia-sponsored threat actors, Ukraine has now assembled an ‘IT army’ tasked.

FB Limits Access to Russian State-controlled Media in Ukraine

KIEV:Meta (formerly Facebook) has blocked access to several Russian state-controlled accounts in Ukraine. The social.

India Abstains for 3rd Time on UN Security Council Vote on Ukraine

UNITED NATIONS:India has abstained for the third time on a Security Council vote on Ukraine.

S. Korea Grants Stay Extension Permits to 3,843 Ukrainians

SEOUL:South Korea on Monday granted Ukrainians in the country stay extensions on humanitarian grounds in.

Plea to Include UAE and Kuwait in the New Travel Policy

SHARJAH:Global Pravasi Association chairman Salam Pappinissery submitted a memorandum to External Affairs Minister Dr S.