Chances of 3rd Wave Quite Real, Delhi Govt Preparing on War-footing: CM

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday cautioned that the chances of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic were quite real, while he asserted that his government was preparing on a “war-footing” to combat it.

Indications are coming from the UK on the fear of the third wave. Cases are rising there, despite 45 per cent of vaccination. So, we cannot afford to sit idle, he said.

Kejriwal was speaking at an online event during which he jointly inaugurated 22 new PSA oxygen plants at nine hospitals across Delhi.

“These new oxygen plants at nine hospitals across Delhi being added today to strengthen our preparations to fight Covid,” he said.

The chief minster in his address cautioned that the chances of the “third wave of the coronavirus pandemic were quite real”

“We cannot afford to sit idle and our government is preparing on a war-footing to combat it,” he said.

The Delhi government also procuring oxygen tankers to equip system to fight Covid in case of third wave, Kejriwal added

“People of Delhi have come shoulder-to-shoulder in combating the second wave of Covid, and our gratitude to industry sector too for joining the fight,” he said.

Kejriwal congratulated people of Delhi, saying they have together faced the Covid second wave with struggle and discipline and “succeeded in controlling it”.

“We pray that the third wave of Covid doesn”t hit us, but if it happens, Delhi has to again fight together,” he added.


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