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Chandrika Unearths the Benefits of Flower Therapy

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March 07, 2022

We are living in an age where each of us are becoming more aware of what is in the products we consume and apply to our body. Learning more about the impacts of chemicals on the skin and the environment has caused a shift to more conscious consumption.

Therefore, natural ingredients are the best solution for our daily regimen as natural ingredients enhances natural beauty. Over the last 80 years, if there has been a brand that has understood just this, it has been Chandrika from the house of Wipro Consumer Care. Kerala’s No.1 Ayurvedic soap, Chandrika with its 80 years of wisdom continues to make millions of women spanning generations and cultures look beautiful in Ayurvedic way. The brand is now launching its newest offering that taps on to the hidden secret of Ayurveda that is derived out of flowers.

Flowers in the Indian science of Ayurveda, act as natural as herbs that can carry skin benefits. Pushpa Ayurveda a scripture belonging to the 3 rd century BC details out the preparation of Rasayana medicines with 18000 kinds of flowers and Chandrika’s new product- Pushpaveda (a combination of Pushpa and Ayurveda) brings just that.

With a combination of 10 different flowers like Hibiscus that is a natural moisturiser and keeps skin firmer, Lotus- hydrates and prevent pimples, Jasmine- Nourishes and smoothens skin, Magnolia- helps your skin glow, Marigold- repairs skin and prevents pre-mature aging and other flowers like Palash, Rose, Saffron, Sunflower and Shankhapushpam, soaked in pure coconut oil, is a complete beauty regimen in your hand.

Coming onboard the Chandrika family is actor Malavika Mohanan, who as the face of the brand will be seen sharing her experience of using the new soap. The all-new Chandrika Pushpaveda soap will be available in packs of 100gms and a bundled pack of 3- 125gm bars across all leading stores.