CM MK Stalin Urges Centre to Withdraw Cinematograph Bill

“​The draft bill has given rise to serious apprehensions not only in the minds of the film fraternity and film industry but also among all well-meaning sections of the society that cherish freedom of expression. As you are aware, a vibrant democracy must provide adequate space for creative thinking and artistic freedom. However, the proposed amendment to the Cinematograph Act seeks to restrict it by restoring the revisionary powers of the Union government that was struck down by the Supreme Court two decades ago”, said Stalin, in a DO letter written to Minister of Communications, Electronics and Information Technology Ravi Shankar Prasad.

After the central government proposed the draft Bill, political parties and film personalities condemned the Bill and urged the state government to insist the central government drop the Bill. Actor Karthi met Chief Minister, on Monday, and urged the state government to interfere in the issue following which Stalin said that the Bill is drafted to snatch the rights of the state governments.

​“If a film is certified for public viewing by Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), it falls within the domain of the state governments and it must be left to the states as the law and order is a state subject. But now, the Union government, by the proposed Act tries to go against the spirit of cooperative federalism and transgress the powers of the state governments and its own CBFC”, said Stalin.

He also said that curbing the creative thinking of the film fraternity and imposing conditions on them on how films are to be made are totally unjustified and is quite opposite to the very ideals of Indian Constitution. “Taking away the right to freedom of thought will only weaken our democracy which has to be vibrant always irrespective of the parties in power”, said Stalin.


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