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CM Pinarayi Vijayan Declares the Formation of State’s Allied and Healthcare Professional Committee for Physiotherapists

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October 15, 2022

The Second National Conference of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists (IAP) was officially inaugurated by Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala. Veena George, Minister for Health and Family Welfare. delivered the keynote address. The two-day national conference is happening at Travancore International Convention Centre, part of Kariyavattam Greenfield Stadium.

“I am proud to say that physiotherapists are an inseparable part of Kerala’s public health sector. What makes physiotherapy unique is that all other modes of treatment require medicines whereas physiotherapy does not. Their way of treatment is something which requires genius exertion, unlike many other systems. Considering the sector’s vital role in the state, The Government of Kerala has come up with a notification to form the state’s Allied and Healthcare Professional Committee and as inititiated the formation of a preliminary committee which ensures physiotherapists become registered health care professionals. Clinical practitioners will come under the uniform guidelines of the platform. It will guarantee quality education and attain more national and international recognition.” said Pinarayi Vijayan, Chief Minister of Kerala inaugurating the conference.

Veena George, Minister for Health and Family Welfare extended support and regards to the conference on behalf of Kerala health sector and commented “This is a very important step in the field of Physiotherapy. As per the National Commission for Allied and Healthcare Professional Act, a State Council for Physiotherapists is being formed.” “It’s hard to describe how much confidence physiotherapy and a qualified physiotherapist instilled in a patient” She added.

In this two-day event, experts, researchers, and decision-makers in the field of physiotherapy as well as various corporates across India exhibited and exchanged their knowledge, experience, services and innovations. A key objective of the meeting is to build a community that improves the health and well-being of society while uplifting the profession as well.

“We are conducting this conference to promote physiotherapy in Kerala. We have got a bright future in the field with the process of forming a new council for physiotherapists. The council ensures only qualified registered physiotherapists will be practiced which is very important for the common people of Kerala to avail good and quality healthcare. “said Dr. Sanjiv K. Jha, IAP National President and Organising Chairperson of 2nd National IAP Conference 2022.

The Media conclave held as part of the conference focussed on the ‘Importance & future of Physiotherapy profession in the current health scenario in Kerala.’

‘Paper presentations, panel discussions and corporate talks are there as part of the convention. More than a thousand physiotherapists from different parts of the country including national officials are participating in the conference. The event also have exhibitions and cultural programmes.

Dr. Sanjiv K. Jha, IAP National president Dr Suresh Babu Reddy- IAP National Vice-President Dr K.M. Annamalai – IAP National Organising Secretary, Dr Ruchi Varshney – IAP National Treasurer,Dr Sreejith Nampoothiri, IAP Kerala, State President Dr Jim Gopalakrishnan – IAP Kerala, State Organising Secretary, Dr Jayasree Krishna, Chairperson, IAP Women Cell spoke at the event. The closing ceremony of the program will be held on 16th at 4.pm.