Compensation of dh 5,00000 Handed Over to Road Accident Victim

The compensation amount of Dh.500000, awarded by the Dubai court have been handed over through the legal representative Salam Pappinisseri of Ali Ibrahim Advocates, Sharjah office ,to Indian citizen who suffered serious injuries in a road traffic accident.

Harchand Singh (59) from Fathegrah District of Punjab state was hit by car on 21 th March 2017 at Abu Dhabi Road. Harchand was rushed to Al –Rahba hospital, Abu Dhabi. The driver was attended in the Abu Dhabi traffic criminal court and the prosecution accused the Pakistan driver of causing critical injuries driving recklessly. And the court found him guilty and fined him Dh5000.
The victim’s relatives approached legal representative Salam pappiniserriy of Ali Ibrahim advocates and legal consultant-Sharjah to file a civil compensation claim against the insurance company.

The legal office filed a civil suit before the Dubai civil court seeking compensation against mental, medical and physical damages. The lawyer who attended for victim argued that “The victim suffered injury in the right pelvic joint, foot, leg, right knee and fracture in the right edge of the pelvis and it was cause to permanent disability to the lower right of the victim.

The insurance company denied any liability and argued that he has no suffered such injuries stated in the medical report. Hence asked the court to dismiss the law suit. However, after the hearing of both sides the Dubai court ordered the insurance company to pay 500000 Dirham to the victim as motor vehicle accident compensation. The legal office approached the Dubai appeal civil court against the order of the lower court to increase the compensation amount, after heard the both side the appeal court awarded 500000 Dh by overruling the order of the lower court order.


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