“Congress Can Make its Own Decision on Attending Ram Temple Event” Says Party Ally IUML

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December 29, 2023

Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) national general secretary PK Kunhalikutty said that the Congress can take its own decision on attending the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram Lalla in Ayodhya on January 22. “Congress has its own organisation. They have to analyse all issues at the national level. Let them make their own decision,” Kunhalikutty said on Friday, adding that each party should take its own decision on attending the Ram Mandir event at Ayodhya and that the IUML will not interfere in it.

The IUML held a meeting of its political advisory committee on Friday in which it discussed the inauguration of the Ram Mandir at Ayodhya next month. Earlier Congress MP from Thiruvananthapuram and CWC member Shashi Tharoor said that attending the consecration ceremony of Lord Ram in Ayodhya was an individual choice.

“Going to a temple is an individual decision. Individuals have been invited, let them make their own decisions. To my mind, a temple is absolutely not a political stage, it is a place for people to contemplate the divine and do their prayers and it is a personal choice. Individuals have been invited and letting individuals decide if they wish to go is my stand” Tharoor said on Thursday. Meanwhile, IUML’s PK Kunhalikutty said that the party is not against any belief or anyone’s religious freedom. He said that the BJP is using this as a political tool for the upcoming Lok Sabha polls. He said all parties should understand this and make their own decisions, and the party believes that all secular parties will do that.

“The BJP which is ruling centre, is taking it (Ram Mandir inauguration) forward as the political inauguration for the upcoming Loksabha polls. The political campaign led by the Prime Minister and other leaders, in regards to the Ram temple inauguration, is clearly targeting the upcoming Lok Sabha elections,” Kunhalikutty said. The IUML general secretary said that the inauguration ceremony is being used as a political tool to show the difference between those attending in the event and those who are not.

“The Muslim League has huge respect for Hinduism and its believers. We believe in religious freedom. We will not give an opinion on it. But the inauguration ceremony is being used as a political tool by showing the difference between those participating and those not participating,” the general secretary said. “This is pure politics and not any sort of worship. All political parties should understand this and take their own decision. We believe that all parties with a secular view will do that,” he added.

IUML state president Sadikkali Shihab Tangal and PK Kunjalikutty were attending the political advisory committee meeting on Friday.